Screen Time

Not going to lie to you here in this house my kid gets screen time. Hell, my kid has an iPhone. It’s just how we roll around here. Is he worse off for it? I’m going with no. Why no? Because this day in age all the kids are on devices of some sort. Many are taking classes on computer from 7:15 till 3:00. With a 30 minute lunch break and that’s it. Some of the homeschool classes my kid takes are online also. So there is more screen time.

Here is the rub to most people’s “my kid only gets 30 minutes of screen time a day”.

I’m pretty sure you get more than that. Now, yes you are an adult but why shouldn’t you lead by example? 30 minutes a day for you and your kid!! I know some perfect mommies who’s heads would explode if they couldn’t brag on Facebook 9 times a day on how perfect their kids are. They would go mad if they couldn’t post perfect pictures on Instagram to get more likes than the other perfect Mom’s they are “friends” with.

Now don’t get me wrong I am all about the screen. I grew up with cell phones and computers. It was normal for everyone to have one. I have watched the world expand because of the way people can now share ideas and connect. I think it’s amazing!! Also, newsflash this isn’t going away! This screen world is one our kids are going to be navigating for their whole lives. This is the world they will do business in and live in. They need a firm understanding now so they can ride the changes of technology with ease.

Here is another thing that makes me roll my eyes so far back in my head I’m pretty sure I spotted my spine. My husband telling me our kid needs less screen time while he is looking at Instagram and watching tv. Okay there honey, you first.

Unpopular opinion time!!

If you know me IRL you know I am a horse person. We are many and we are crazy! Kidding!! Sort of. Anyway, I am big in the polo and fox hunting scene around my hometown. Now just like the other 5 million horse lovers on Facebook and Instagram I follow several local rescue groups. Now some only deal with dogs/cats/chickens. Some deal only in horses.

Today I was reading a post by one of the ladies that was going on and on about horses at auction. If you don’t know the way it works I will try to explain it to you. At auction people can sell any and all equine. Now some will go to private buyers, some will sell to dealers and some will sell to what people have started to call kill buyers. This last group loads up horses on large trucks and sells them like cattle to slaughter houses down in Mexico or up in Canada. Now here in the US we are overwhelmed with backyard breeding of horses. These horses will never be given a chance to be anything. Most will end up in the slaughter network.

Now here is my unpopular opinion: Stop buying the horses at auction. Let the kill buyers have them. If we stop bailing horses out of the places like that for 3 times what they are worth the prices will drop off. The kill buyers will go back to paying pennies and there will be less incentive to backwoods hillbillies to dump horses at auction. If you want to make a difference start buying from only reputable people. The people that put solid foundations on the horses they sell. Will you pay more? Yes. But fuck, the horse is the least expensive part of owning a horse. I would rather hand over 8k to a trainer that took the time to put a solid walk/trot/canter on a horse then spend 500 bucks and have the fucker put me in the hospital.

What I do in the horse world is specialized I know that. I need horses with different skills than most. However I have also made connections within the horse world to ensure that the people I am giving my money to are some of the best in the business. That’s what all horse people need to do. Find the best in the business for the discipline you like to ride and give your money to them when you want to do business. Help the good ones grow and they will choke out the bad.

There are just some people….

I really don’t like people that much. As a society we have become rude and stupid. So many people need a phone to think for them rather than having the phone enhance what they already know. It makes me a bit insane when I witness people like this.

Another group is the “helpless” group. These people can not do anything on their own. You have to fix, help, console, and point them in the correct direction. Even with the world at their fingertips in the form of phones, iPads, computers. I can never wrap my head around this kind of person. Maybe because when I encounter a problem I start to think of solutions and preventions for the situation. When they see a problem they sit down and wait for someone to handle it for them.

My MIL is this person. She will literally sit in her chair and wait for one of her boys to fix something for her. She has 4 boys and always expects one of them to take care of everything around her house for her. If they don’t she will drop snarky remarks about how much she has to do. Around. Her. House.

As for myself there is YouTube or a list of repair companies I can google. I refuse to be someone who needs people to do everything for them just because I am to entitled to do it myself.

Looking at the other side of people

This evening I was in my car driving into town. I was thinking that the sunset wasn’t going to be anything amazing tonight. See the sunset is one thing I love. Sunrise is good also but at sunset the day is over. Night is just beginning and some good things happen in the night. Nighttime is for the art, music, love, sex, and general debauchery.

Back to my point. I was driving thinking about the dud sunset when I looked in the East. The colors on the clouds and sky was beautiful. It was completely different than the sky to the West. Completely different.

That’s a bit like us uh?

Many people just see the housewife. The woman at home taking care of kids and husbands. The one that probably has nothing of worth to say because she is just a housewife. It’s crazy making on a level most people will never understand unless they have been there. I have an advanced degree in science from a large university, I have been published 18 times in scientific journals, and I was the youngest lab manager a very large company had ever hired.

I left when I got married. Why? My main reason was the politics in the office were insane. I am not one to play games in life and sure as shit not at my job. Also my husband wanted to travel the first year we were married and so did I. So we packed up and left town for 8 months on different adventures.

3 years into married life I became pregnant with our kid. I always knew that I wanted to homeschool so I just stayed home. It doesn’t mean I am not worth people’s time. It means that I took the path that made me happy. Now, how many people can say they did that?

Mornings suck sometimes

Sometimes mornings just blow. Take this one for example. The kid was up early and so was I. I wasn’t ready to be up at all. My husband is still in bed right now. We don’t have the traditional life of school/office in our household. We have homeschool and business ownership which is run out of our home. So while mornings can be more relaxed here someone still has to get shit done. That someone is me.

And I am over it. Now if y’all will pardon me I hear my coffee maker brewing. Maybe an Irish coffee to start the day!

I’m having a day

I’m have one of those days where you want to say fuck this and start drinking at 1. Or go on an Amazon shopping spree and buy all the books. Or both!!

My illness that has yet to be named and just a general sense of fuck it have brewed together to create the perfect storm of my give a damn is busted.

I’m tired. However like most tired housewives I have: done the dishes, done laundry, feed everyone, cleaned the kitchen, homeschooled the kid, taken him swimming, put away clothes and now I am thinking about what to feed people for lunch.

Now if you will excuse me Amazon is calling my name.

When your friend is to much to handle

As a woman I have always felt that I make better friends with men than I do my own kind. It’s not because I like the attention of men it’s more because they are accepting of who I am. Men will take someone at face value a lot of the time.

In my life I have maybe 5 women who I hang out with. 3 of them came to me through my kid and we have grown a friendship over the last few years. They are wonderful people and easy to be friends with. 1 is from my college days 18 years ago. This is my down in the trenches of life friend. This is the woman I would marry if anything ever happened to my husband because she would raise my kid like her own and he would have an amazing full life with her. This is my ride or die.

Then I have 1 that became my friend out of convince but we have stuck it out for 10 years. She is a bit more complicated. We are opposite in every way possible. Even in looks. But the biggest factor is the drama she must have around her at all times. It’s like she needs it to function. It’s exhausting. She needs to be upset or elated about something every damn day. I would be in the mental hospital if I tried to be like that!

So from this friend I have to take breaks. Sometimes life helps me out and she has other stuff to do on a weekend. That way we both get space then I am ready to handle whatever she has for moods the next tine I see her. Don’t be this friend!!! Please.

How not to loose your mind.. or why day drinking is perfectly normal.

I am not okay.

Not right now at least.

See I have been sick for a while now. It’s been tests and blood and doctors. No real answers. Just a shrug and a “here why not take this pain pill.”

Seriously? That’s what you have for me? A pill. Not an answer just a patch. See no one has wanted to dive deep into this. All the while I am dealing with a 27 symptom deep list of shit wrong with me. While trying to be a wife and a mom.

Then today I had someone listen. That someone wants to do tests. For some very very scary shit. Like end up in a wheelchair never going to feed yourself again shit. It’s driving my anxiety up a wall.

So here is what I am going to do. I am going to take care of my family and I am going to have a drink. Because for today day drinking is the answer to my problems.

Welcome everyone

Welcome everyone to this blog site. Now here there will be no judgement of any kind. If you are a perfect person this place is not for you! This is a place to hangout with chill people and grab a drink together. This place is where I will be throwing confessions about for y’all to enjoy. So come join me for this wild ride.